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Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro Crack Keygen

If you love playing sports, especially basketball and you want to keep track of all the important events during a game, then you need to focus your attention towards a tools that can accomplish that.
Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro is a handy software solution that turns any display screen into a virtual scoreboard, either it is your tablet, mobile phone, monitor, TV, LCD, LED or Plasma screen.
You can use this utility just like an ordinary physical scoreboard by simply connecting your PC or laptop to a projector, LCD or LED TV.
Clean and comprehensive interface
The interface of Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro consists of a single window from which you can customize the scoreboard using separate control panels.
The main panel displays information such as the titles of the home and visitor teams, the players t-shirt numbers, the timer, bonuses, time until break or the duration of time-outs and the score.
Multi-functional panel that allows you to access various setting options
The Settings menu enables you to set the bonus indicator by entering the desired number of fouls and the time out, as well as the team foul can be reset. In case of system crashes or power failures, you can check the AutoRecover function that provides you with a backup copy of the game. All these general settings can be imported or exported.
Logo pictures or colors that match the team's T-shirts can be inserted, the clock's digits can be customized, as well as the main board titles.
For easy access and control over the scoreboard, Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro enables the use of hotkeys for clock reset, period start and pause, team selection and score, foul entry and buzzer.
Furthermore, you can make the scoreboard more interactive by displaying video clips during breaks. Plus, you can export logs and track a team's evolution by creating statistics of the game.
Ending words
To sum up, Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro represents a viable alternative to fixed and more expensive scoreboards and it is an application that is very comprehensive for all level users, especially those interested in basketball.







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UpSkyBox Pro v3.1.5

Screenshots of UpSkyBox Pro v3.1.5

Publisher’s Description of UpSkyBox Pro v3.1.5

This is an easy-to-use freeware which enables you to easily record, edit and broadcast live video from your computer. It supports to capture live video from webcams, TV cards, game consoles, DVB-T/S/C/S2/S2+/S2-PCR, IP cameras, HD-video cameras and more.

UpSkyBox Pro can be an excellent solution for you if you are a web designer, website owner or software developer. You can create up to 4 channels and record videos simultaneously from your computer. Its easy to operate and you can even edit the videos and cut down the unwanted parts without any professional software.

Live VideoRecord videos using any webcams, TV cards, game consoles, DVB-T/S/C/S2/S2+/S2-PCR, IP cameras, HD-video cameras and more. Live broadcast videos at any time and in any format to your website. Easily record your favourite videos and save them to your hard drive for later watching. UpSkyBox Pro provides a high quality video compression algorithm to save bandwidth.

Powerful Video Editor
Support progressive download. Use the built-in Flash and JavaScript editor to cut, combine and re-arrange the clips in the timeline and send the video to any video or streaming URL.

UpSkyBox Pro supports all major video formats (AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, MP4) and audio formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AU, ALAC).

Key features of UpSkyBox Pro v3.1.5

1.5 Channel and independent screen mode. You can record and watch from anywhere using one or multiple webcams or other video capture devices.

New features:

1.1+Added new setting dialogs. Now you can customize some settings.

1.0.1+Fixed some problems.

1.0+ Improved picture quality.

1.0+ Fixed some small bugs.

1.0- Fixed some bugs.

0.8- Fixed some bugs.


Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro Free Download For Windows

Keymacro is a data conversion utility that enables you to perform different keyboard macros by converting data formats between a variety of keyboard models. It is a stand-alone utility that does not require any drivers and makes a system any keyboard configuration and macro, by allowing you to customize the way you work with the keyboard.
Keymacro is simple to install and use. You only need to install it once on your system and use it for converting data formats for all the keyboard models you want.
KEYMACRO Features:
– Converting keyboard data formats:
• 1: Keyboard driver import & install.
• 2: Easy switch between formats by mouse click.
• 3: Handle left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.
• 4: An easy interface for all users.
– Keyboard macro customization:
• 1: Drag and drop function.
• 2: Keyboard style templates.
• 3: Multilanguage settings.
• 4: Add and delete keys.
• 5: Add and delete keyboard types.
• 6: Various keyboard models.
• 7: Support media keys.
• 8: Test your macro function.
How to use KEYMACRO:
1. Download the keymacro
2. Mount the.exe file and run it.
3. Press the “Start” button to check the data format and keyboard macro.

How To Convert Dv Camera To Dvd Player:

How To Convert Dv Camera To Dvd Player-dvd player formats discs to all major formats including mpeg-2, mpeg-4, dvd and wav. dvd player to avi will convert dvd to avi for free. you can burn movies dvd, mp3, and music to dvd, burn dvd and save dvd to avi, convert dvd to avi, convert dvd to mp3, dvd player to dvd burner, dvd burner to dvd, dvd to mpeg, dvd to wav, dvd to wma, dvd to avi for free. it is the best dvd player and converter to burn dvd, convert dvd, convert dvd to avi, convert dvd to mp3. dvd player is designed as a dvd burning and dvd converting program, which can convert dvd to avi and dvd to mpeg and mp3 and burn dvd.
With dvd player, you can convert dvd to

Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard Pro Crack Incl Product Key

The Game Scheduler is a feature rich and intuitive application that allows you to keep track of all your sports and other games schedules.
It is a full featured application which comes with an easy to use graphical interface that enables you to schedule games and set them up according to your time constraints and convenience.
It also comes with a complete roster of features that enables you to interact with your players and know their progress and status during games.
In addition, the user can get the games overview including game notes, schedules, statistics, win-loss records and the past games played. The game details and links are also provided. The user can also set up reminders and notifications for every game that helps him in keeping up with the game and its important developments.
No downloads and no registration is required for the Game Scheduler, therefore you can be sure that the software is safe to use, that it’s completely free and also completely portable.
All you need to do is to simply choose a game from the list and select it from the list of play dates or enter the game number to have it added to the schedule.
The Game Scheduler also comes with a random game generator that enables the user to create a new random schedule.
All the games scheduled in the Game Scheduler are represented in the calendar view of the application so the user can easily find the games that are scheduled to take place in the future.
Additional features include saving games in different locations, re-running already saved games, highlight games in the list and auto-download of games and/or notifications.
Furthermore, you can also set the time for each game and the starting times for future games.
• Easy to use interface
• Schedule multiple games in a single time slot
• Manage up to 32 games per schedule
• 3 Level of the alerts that enable the user to control the alerts
• Calendar view for organizing your events
• Add a new game to the Calendar, Online Schedule or Showcase
• Use the Random Game function for generating different schedules
• Backup of the scheduled games
• Statistical functions such as average, a…

Win Control is an essential control tool for system builders, experts and ordinary users. It is designed for computer specialists, advanced users and handy users. Win Control is a simple and easy-to-use control program that enables you to manage, organize and configure all aspects of Windows on any system or computer. With Win Control, you can control and manage Windows easily, even on Mac

What’s New In?

User's reviews

Rating: 5 of 5


Connie P.

good app for basketball games

Posted: 26.07.2016

My daughter is a basketball player and she uses this app often.


Leah S.

not very useful

Posted: 12.07.2016

This software is not even close to what it was when it was released. The new version was just a large update to a previous version, and it’s just as useless. If you want the same old basketball score board as in the old version, this is the app for you. If you like to have more control over the scoreboard, keep looking for something different.

Rating: 5 of 5


Eguasoft Team

Great for you!

Posted: 11.07.2016

Great for you. Easy to use, can import from other software and easy to customize.Which veteran goaltender would you most like to see the Philadelphia Flyers acquire in a trade?

Brett Johnson

The Flyers’ depth at goaltending is one of their biggest weaknesses, and the organization has been in talks with several teams to see if there is interest in acquiring a veteran goalie. The Flyers have been one of several teams to have talked with Jaroslav Halak’s agent, and he has the Flyers’ in his sights as a possible solution, according to Michael Russo of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Russo was also in contact with Halak’s agent, Ken Hynes, who mentioned that the interest is mutual, but his client isn’t ready to sign anywhere just yet.

Halak has been with the Montreal Canadiens for the last three seasons and has a career record of 63-41-9 with a.910 save percentage.

Russo also mentioned that the Flyers will likely be trying to trade a current NHL goaltender in a deal for Halak. While that certainly doesn’t mean that the Flyers wouldn’t be interested in signing Halak, it’s apparent that they’re looking for upgrades elsewhere.

Despite being the clear favorite to win the 2013-14 Calder Cup, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms are only earning $1.5 million this season and the Flyers currently have David Aebischer, Brian Boucher and Michal Neuvirth on the roster.

In recent weeks, the Flyers have reportedly been in contact with the St. Louis Blues about acquiring one of their goalies in a trade, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be looking to make any moves at the position.

With eight of their top nine scorers from last season currently in the lineup, along with defensemen Brayden Schenn and Kimmo Timonen, the Flyers have some talent

System Requirements:

Atlas Protocol client download:
The following list shows the minimum specs required for the online client.
CPU: 2 cores * 4 threads
GFX: NVIDIA GTX 650+ or AMD HD7870+ or better (optional)
RAM: 8GB (or more)
GPU: at least 32MB VRAM
OS: Windows 7 SP1 (or newer)
Peer server download:
Atlas Protocol server download:

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